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Robotic pool cleaners are starting to become more and more popular among homeowners who have a home swimming pool and want to keep it clean with little effort. Since there are dozens of models available on the market and they are all advertised as the best, knowing which is truly efficient and practical is very hard. This is why we have created Optimal Swim, a website where you can find the best and most accurate reviews on the top pool cleaners that you can find on the market. We will let you know which model is suitable for your pool and which offers the most features designed to make pool maintenance a breeze.

Most important, you can trust us because we respect you and we want you to receive the most accurate information that will help you make the best purchase. We don’t want you to waste your time and money on a product that will not meet your expectations so we describe you the robotic pool cleaners as they are, with their good and bad sides.

Who are we

Not every pool cleaner available on the market can be extremely effective and convenient, but the manufacturer will never picture it as a poor quality device because their purpose is to sell as many units as possible. This is where we, at Optimal Swim come to your help with our unbiased reviews on robotic pool cleaners. Our website is designed by a team of editors and reviewers that collect information and transform it into clear and honest reviews. We write all reviews in a way that is easily comprehensible so you will have no problem in understanding what we mean to say.

Why we write the reviews

With no hidden purpose, we only write the reviews to help you discover which is the best robotic pool cleaner to meet your demands. Our team sorts the information collected on the robotic pool cleaners, tests the models, and determines which one really is the best so you won’t have to get through all that trouble. It would be impossible for you to test and analyze every robotic pool cleaner on the market, so our team of reviewers does this for you. I case we believe that a model is not as efficient as advertised, we say that in our reviews so you will be sure to receive the most accurate conclusions.

What we base our reviews on

Our reviews are based on comparisons between different products, but also on real customer reviews and thorough tests performed by us. Depending on their results and the performance shown during the tests, we rate the units so you will know which one is bad and which one is excellent. We take into account their cleaning performance, the energy efficiency, the convenience in use, as well as the durability of every product. Based on the results shown by each model and the opinions of customers who have tried the product, we manage to determine which robotic pool cleaner is the best choice.

Why you can trust us

We write our reviews guided by honesty as we want you to receive only the best information based on the most reliable tests. Every test conducted by our team of reviewers is carefully performed so that we can detect any minor flaw of the unit. If we discover that a robotic pool cleaner includes many flaws or that it doesn’t operate as advertised, we will let you know so that you will know what to expect. Also, the reviews are based on opinions gathered from customers who have already used a certain product so that you can discover the real experience of real users.

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