Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas

Owning a pool offers a way of spending time in a leisurely fashion, enjoying the water, especially during hot summer days. However, its functionality doesn’t stop here, as depending on how you wish to organize your yard, the pool area can transform into an oasis of tranquility and serenity, offering a sanctuary when you wish to escape the busy lifestyle of the city.

Therefore, it is important to create an elegant space around your pool, by finding a method of keeping all the pool equipment stashed together, without impacting the view. This offers an organized means to keep all the cables, lines and plumbing tidied up and away from your immediate reach, but still close enough in case you need to remedy possible issues.
While many owners are either able of improvising an inventive way of keeping the equipment hidden, others might need to rely on designers to do so. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a few tips and ideas on how to create an enclosure that suits your tastes as well as your overall home-style.


Before you jump right into crafting a personalized enclosure, you should be aware of what you want to achieve. There are 3 ways in which you can hide the pump and filter, and they are by shaping the enclosure as a box, in the form of a mini-house, or by utilizing walls. Let’s discuss each of them in greater detail.


A box-type enclosure offers protection on all sides, and, depending on what type of material they are made of, they can also keep away rain and elements. Usually, the box-type offers a hinged top, with a means of keeping the lid open, so it won’t come down hitting your head. You can even customize the walls to open if you wish more space to access the filter and the pump.


Similar to sheds, these types of enclosures are usually utilized when the pool equipment is quite large and wouldn’t fit in a single box. They provide a stable roof, with doors that open outwards to provide you with enough room to navigate around the pump and filters. If you own a hot tub beside a large in-ground basin, this is a way of keeping all equipment together without getting in your way.


One of the most versatile ways of ensuring the pool equipment is out of your immediate view, walls and screens let your imagination show. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and according to what style you wish to adopt, there are several choices you can opt for. If no already-crafted wall suits your liking, you can easily craft them yourself, if DIY projects are a hobby.


There is a wide array of materials you can create the enclosure from, depending on what artistic style you wish to follow, as well as how protected you want the equipment to be. Concrete, steel, wood, and even glass are available for selection, as all can easily offer both the looks and the means.

  • Wood – natural or stained, painted or carved, it offers a timeless way of integrating a new piece of furniture into your yard. It makes the transition between modern and natural seamlessly, while also providing plenty of aeration for the equipment. However, you should pay attention to its state and ensure its overall maintenance is kept along the years since rain and bugs might be a problem.
  • Stone – the blend between natural and man-made, with an ageless look, stone offers the versatility each designer would crave for. Large or small, shaped like pebbles or colorful enough to create a mosaic with them, stone enclosures offer a breathtaking element for your yard. But to be able to fully utilize stone in a crafty manner it requires skills not all posses, so you’ll have to ask for professional help in achieving the desired look.
  • Concrete – although it might require special tools as well as high skill to craft a concrete enclosure, it is highly resistant to elements and time. This type keeps the equipment dry, with no rain that can damage it, and it allows your artistic side to shine as you can color it however you wish. You can either hire professional help in creating this piece, or you can put your mastery to the test, but don’t forget to use a sealer to ensure its long-lasting efficiency.
  • Steel and glass – a mixture that brings a modern element right in the middle of your yard. Depending on how generous your budget is you can mix the two into creating a private space with an open-air feeling to it. The glass doesn’t have to be transparent, it can also be opaque, to shield all the tubes from your immediate attention.

A Stand-Alone Shed

If space allows, the best way of storing and preserving your pool equipment is to place it in a shed. It can take any form you wish it to have, and you can create it from any material you wish. There are even pre-made sheds that require just a few nails to be ready to store the pumps and filters. If you do end up choosing to employ one for your pool, there are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Proper ventilation should be provided in all the areas of the shed. This will reduce the possible apparition of mold, as well as keep moisture under control.
  • Space is also important, as you should enough room to easily move around the objects stored inside, for any possible repairs that might require your attention in the future. Additionally, keep in mind your future investments and where you’re going to place them if you plan on adding more equipment to your pool.
  • Chemicals and water substances are highly flammable, and, even more, they might produce toxic fumes if not sealed correctly. Make sure you store them separately from your pool equipment, in a space with enough ventilation to reduce the harmful effects of accumulated gases.
  • While keeping all tools in one place might seem like a good idea, heaters should remain in an open space. This will prevent any accidents from taking place, offering them plenty of air and ventilation they so much require. Some models thrive even better in direct sunrays.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are several ways in which you can come up with artistic ideas to keep the pool systems hidden from immediate view. Depending on how you wish to style your yard, you can opt between several materials as well as different methods of storing the equipment. While some might work better for large pools, some give justice to smaller basins, so it is always best to plan and think carefully on how you wish to have the enclosure setup, so the results could satisfy your desires.

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